A Day in the Life of Roberto Cavalli

One of Harper's Bazaar's most revealing features is a monthly spotlight on 24 hours in the life of a designer. Past subjects have included Vera Wang and Peter Dundas, but this month's treat comes courtesy of Roberto Cavalli. Let's have another quiz - which one of the following is NOT a quote from the Italian designer: 1. "I used to have a small tiger and a monkey but not anymore. The monkey was mean."

2. "I never, never wear pajamas in my life. I always feel I cannot sleep when I am dressed. I have to be naked."

3. "I don't go to work naked."

4. "Cavalli panties, something zebra, leopard. Very tight."

5. "I have a minimum of 50 pairs of jeans-all Dior Homme!"

6. "Everything that is design, everything that is part of my collections, comes from my heart, my mind, my stomach."

Leave your guess in the comments, if you'd like.