The Most Fantastic Tee Under $25

Kanye West and I have something in common. Despite the fact that he is a multi-platinum recording artist with a taste for curvy women and Riccardo Tisci on speed dial and I am...not remotely any of those things...we do have one common interest - T by Alexander Wang t-shirts. They're amazing! Fantastic! So, so easy! I especially adore the pilly t-shirts, because they never look like they're getting old, no matter how old and ratty they get. It was meant to look that way! They come in a blend of rayon and silk, so they drape just perfectly in that slouchy way. Unfortunately, at $90 a piece, I, unlike Kanye, can hardly afford to wear one every day. everlane t-shirt

Fortunately, the fantastic folks at Everlane have whipped up a batch of t-shirts in the most perfect shades and the smart cut that's hard to find. The Ryan tees, the best of the bunch, are unfortunately only available for women at this time, but they come in the most fantastic rayon jersey that I've ever felt in a shirt priced under $60. In fact, these lovely things are impressively only $20 for a tank and $25 for a t-shirt, all with a flattering deep scoop neck. For only $15, their cotton tees are an absolute steal, and also come in wardrobe-ready colors. Check them out at Everlane.