Nordstrom Coming to Manhattan!

As a born-and-raised Seattle kid, I'm really excited that Nordstrom is finally coming to Manhattan. Nordstrom introduced me to fashion outside the Abercrombie realm in 9th grade, giving me my first taste of designer jeans and an appetite for something beyond distressed cargo pants. However, I'll be even more excited if they actually have a real men's designer department. Downtown Seattle's Nordstrom has a small but well-edited selection that spans the price range, from T by Alexander Wang pilly tees to Givenchy baggy chambray shorts. The selection of Marni and Margiela is also surprisingly keen and on sale in a wide variety of sizes at the end of the season, and if I buy it and hate it, there's no "final sale" policy to contend with. Bring that here to New York, and I'm sold. On a side note, Nordstrom is really stepping up their game on their website for men's designer collections, recently introducing Marni, Jil Sander and KENZO to the mix online. T-Rex sweaters for all!