Eat - Momofuku Milk Bar Now Open in Carroll Gardens

Anyone who has spent any time with me in New York knows that if we're anywhere within a ten-block radius of the East Village, I will slyly steer the direction of our evening to include a detour for dessert at Momofuku Milk Bar. I will jump on any opportunity to stock up on the creations of Momofuku's pastry mastermind, Christina Tosi.

If I have the cash and the appetite, it's hard not to stock up on crack pie, a half-dozen compost or corn cookies, some cereal milk soft serve, and maybe a few chocolate malt cake truffles for good measure. I don't mess around with dessert. The more savory choices, including Bagel Bombs and croissants, are decent, but feel like an afterthought. Corn cookies hit that perfect balance of savory and sweet and might be my favorite menu item at the moment (it changes all the time) - they're just like moist, rich, buttery, squares of cornbread, condensed into cookie form. As I learned from reading the Milk Bar cookbook (available in the Milk Bar store), the secret comes from using Plugrá butter (very high in butterfat content) and the method of creaming the butter with a mixer at room temperature together with the sugar for ten minutes (instead of just melting the butter and mixing it in).

Fortunately for me, Momofuku maestro David Chang has expanded the family of restaurants beyond their East Village home base to include outposts in Midtown, Williamsburg, the Upper West Side, and, as of last Saturday, Carroll Gardens, creeping dangerously close to my apartment. Maybe the walk to Smith Street will offset all the creamy butterfat.

Check out the new Momofuku Milk Bar in Carroll Gardens - 360 Smith Street at 2nd Place, open daily from 7am - 10pm.