Mission Chinese Food Pop-Up

Danny Bowien's original East Village restaurant may have been shut down, but the legacy lives on at the Mission Chinese Food pop-up, running right now at Frankie's 457 Spuntino in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. The Chongqing-style chicken wings are described as "spicy n' numbing!" and they weren't kidding.


Hens Are Friends Too

Not all the chicken in my life is fried and savored. (Too morbid? Sorry.) I met this little gal Molly at Cacao Prieto, the chocolate maker in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The factory space also houses the liquor distillery where they make the excellent Widow Jane Whiskey. An odd but ultimately genius combination. As for why they keep chickens out in the courtyard? No real reason in particular, but why not?


Wednesday Fried Chicken Lunch

New office, new lunch territory. Hill Country Chicken, the little sister to Hill Country Barbecue Market, has a winner in their Classic fried chicken, perfectly seasoned and Southern fried. Along with a side of cheesy fried mashed potatoes, it's the kind of lunch that induces the best kind of food coma.


Buttermilk Channel Chicken & Waffles

I couldn't help myself. Fried chicken Sunday somehow drifted into Monday. My savvy coworker Mary reminded me that Buttermilk Channel has a $30 Monday Dinner prix fixe. The first course of chilled carrot soup with pistachio, mint and pomegranate came with a hot popover topped with honey and sea salt. For dessert, the mini pecan pie sundae was incredibly rich and gooey. But the main attraction was the fried chicken, made with buttermilk (naturally), and served on top of cheddar waffles and savoy cabbage slaw. The bartender had never seen anybody clean the plate as well as me.